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  1. Don't send emails to yourself anymore. Keep bits of information organized and easily editable.

  2. Store interesting weblinks and bookmarks in lists with comments. Keep as many short or long notes as you like in your account and access them easily.

  3. Keep it yours.™ requires you to log in to see your notes. It is not designed to share your notes or make them public. What happens in™ stays in™.

  4. Access your Scribz™ from everywhere. Use™ in your phone or tablet – in any modern web browser.

  5. Your notes are stored in plain text. The lack of formatting keeps your notes simple and easy on the eye. Notes are also very fast to load even on slow connections.

  6.™ is clean, efficient, and subtle and it does not distract you from your work. Its flexible interface maximizes your comfort.

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